Civic & School

TLYC and School Programs

TLYC is committed to supporting institutional programs that promote environmental awareness. We have worked with athletic and academic departments from several institutions already, such as Ateneo, University of Asia and the Pacific, UP, German school, and the International School.   Also, we have worked with Girl Scout, Boy Scout, Cub Scout groups.

The Boy Scouts of America Troop 351 has a merit badge program that takes place at TLYC. Visit our Boy Scouts of America article to get a feeling for the fun they have while learning new responsibilities.

We can devise plans to meet specific needs. These needs can be as diverse  as designing merit badge programs, or designing “Mother daughter interaction exxperience” overnight outings. We also work with independent groups to organize childerns camps, such as the well publicized Summer Nature and Arts Camp for Kids (SNACK).

Typically, TLYC is chosen as a venue because we have the following facilities/programs.

Clean Bathrooms with hot and cold running water. Our bathrooms are of good quality, with large marble counters and designed with extra space.

We allow food to be brought in, and cooked on the premises.
This is not only a savings in cost, but more important, everyone gets a chance to be involved with the food preparation and it can become an event in itself. In Manila, where many people depend so much on maids to do the preparation of food (even at a barbeque), the students get a first hand chance to do different jobs to suit their ability. Everyone gets a chance to be a vital link in the whole process.

We allow camping.  Our natural setting overlooking Taal Lake offers a world class view. Camping is the only overnight facility that is offered at TLYC so it is equitable for everyone staying at TLYC.  It is rare to find a safe, clean, natural setting as nice as this anywhere in the world.

We have environmentally friendly watersports equipment that is safe and easy to operate. We have one and two person Kayaks, that can be operated even without instruction.

We have a rescue boat for any eventuality.

We offer trips to Taal Volcano. This is one of our most popular offerings. Most groups of students over 12 years old take this option.

We teach sailing. This is actually our main reason for existence. We want to encourage sailing programs in schools because sailing helps children do better scholastically, as well as develop their physical side.