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Boat Rentals
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Boat Rentals

Taal Lake Yacht Club has  2, 4 and 6 person sailing catamarans, one and 2 person kayaks and sailing dinghies. We also have motorized Bancas with crew, and an outboard boat for rent. Unless expressly stated, boat rental prices are for the boat only. Employee cost is usually P250/hour.  If you want to take a boat without an employee,  a senior instructor must certify that you are capable.  We must also run your credit card,  as a precaution against damage.  READ THIS ENTIRE SECTION, especially RESCUE POLICY, DAMAGE POLICY, and  OTHER RENTAL POLICIES & CHARGES. Rates on the current page are updated. We follow whatever rates and policies are on the website at the time of rental.


Boat Rentals (one person boats) Particulars Rates
Escape/Laser, Topper, or similar   Whole day Rental  w Life-jacket P1,800
Escape/Laser, Topper, or similar 5X  Rental Package P7,600


topper max weight


Laser type Boat Rentals (1-2 persons ) Particulars Rates
Laser Escape  older modified Laser with furling main Whole day Rental w Life-jackets P2000
5X  Rental Package P8,000
TLYC Laser escape

The Laser Escape carries more weight than a Topper. It can carry a small instructor/ passenger, and a student up to 180 lbs. Total crew weight up to 300 lbs


Laser  (original boats to class rules)   Whole day Rental w Life-jackets  P2500
5X  Rental Package P10,000

Saskia Groenintwoud


Boat Rentals (1-2 person boats ) Particulars Rates
Flying Junior , Hobie Bravo,    Whole day Rental w Life-jackets P2000
5X  Rental Package P8,000

Good for one experienced sailor in light winds, 2 experienced sailors in stronger winds,  or sail with an instructor. Maximum total combined crew weight, 380 Lbs. Bigger than a Topper or Laser-Escape.  Much more tippy than the Bravo, but easier to right if it capsizes.

instructor Boyet on Bravo

Hobie Bravo is a good boat for: 1) students with an instructor, 2) total crew weight minimum 150 lbs. Maximun 380 Lbs,  3)Kids with instructor, 4) 2 experienced kids with total weight of at least 180 lbs.


Boat Rentals ( 2-3 person boats)           Particulars Rates
Hobie 16 One Hour Boat Rental + Life-jackets P1,500
Whole Day Boat Rental + Life-jackets P3,800
5X Rental Package P15,000
Rental Hobie 16

Our standard rental Hobie 16s are in better condition than you will find on most beaches worldwide, but we also occasionally rent race quality boats. Minimum crew weight 285 lbs, max total crew weight is 380 lbs


Boat Rentals (2 to 4 persons)               Particulars Rates
Trainer 18 One Hour Boat Rental + Life-jackets P1,500
Whole Day Boat Rental + Life-jackets P3,800
5X Rental Package P15,000
TLYC Getaway for rent

The TLYC Getaway takes up to 4 passengers (150 lbs each) plus an instructor or driver. It is our most popular rental boat.

Click  Here  to see a video taken on the Trainer 18.

The Trainer 18 is similar to the Hobie Getaway. It has wings,  and a high boom that is easy to get under, so its comfortable.  It has daggerboards so it points better, and its faster than the Getaway.  The TLYC Getaway takes up to  4 passengers (150 lbs each) plus an instructor or driver. The Trainer 18 takes up to 3 (150 lbs each) plus a driver

Boat Rentals (4-6 persons)              Particulars Rates
Hobie 21/

Hobie Getaway


One Hour Boat Rental + Lifevests P1,900
  Whole Day Boat Rental + Lifevests P4200
hobie 16 17 and 21

The Hobie 21SC (no sails on right) has the largest carrying capacity. Up to 6 medium size adults, plus a driver.

H21 fully loaded

Hobie 21 Fully loaded. Learn to sail so you don’t need a driver.


 Kayaks    Particulars Rates
  Tandem (2 person) Kayak + 2 paddles & 2 life-jackets P400 PER HOUR P1200 WHOLE DAY
Paddle board + paddle & life-jacket P300 PER HOUR P900 WHOLE DAY

It is advisable to make a reservation, especially for the Getaway, the 18, or the 21.
If you will need a driver instructor, it is VERY advisable to make an instructor reservation.
IF YOU NEED AN INSTRUCTOR,  be sure you can reserve one, before pre-paying for a boat.
Call Arlyn or Sonia at 0437730192 or Boyet at 09273964442 (updated December 2015) to be sure one is available.
There are 2 kinds of reservations,  Unconfirmed, and  Confirmed.  We have 2 kinds of reservations because the process of making a confirmed reservation is really tedious, both for you, and for us. so, 80% of reservations are unconfirmed reservations.

TO MAKE AN UNCONFIRMED RESERVATION, you do not have to prepay into our bank.
Call Arlyn or Sonia on the phone, and they will tell you if the boat you want has been reserved, and they will tell you if it is a confirmed, or unconfirmed reservation.
If there is no previous reservation,  they will mark the hours of your slot. They will write down your cell # in the reservation book.  Your slot is only confirmed for the hours that you  reserve the boat. Your expected start time, is critical information.

There are 4 ways you can lose your unconfirmed reservation.
a) You can arrive late.
You must arrive on time. If you reserve the boat from 10AM onwards,  be there by 10. If  someone else is there at 10,  and you are not, at our option, we can choose to give it to them for the whole day, or part of the day.  To avoid this problem, reserve the boat for at least one hour after your expected arrival time at TLYC.
b) Someone can make a Confirmed Reservation
If someone else wants the boat, they can override your reservation by making a confirmed reservation during office hours.  Note that if someone tries to do this, you will be sent a text, and you will be given 2 hours to change to a confirmed reservation.  If a confirmed reservation is made, you will be sent a SECOND text, that you have lost your reservation, but most likely, the text will also say that your  reservation has been transferred to another boat. If you want that boat, reply that you are making a reservation for that Second boat.
c) Too much wind.
We reserve the right to cancel any reservation if there is too much wind. usually, that’s wind above 18 knots. The best way to predict wind is to click WINDGURU for Taal Lake (it will open in a new window) and check the second line of colored numbers, marked as “Gusts”.  In the “Amihan season, when the wind is easterly,  the windstrength listed under “gusts” will usually be the average windspeed at the time indicated.
d) Broken Boat.
Boats break down. Its a reality of sailing.  We will try to text you if there’s a breakdown, but its not 100% guaranteed. We will give you a different boat if we can.

1. Calling Arlyn or Sonia at the Club during office hours at 0437730192 to find out if the boat is available, and making an unconfirmed reservation (see process above).
2.  Pre-payment for the boat and/or the first hour of the instructor, subject to time allowances.
You need to call us to get our bank information in 3 ways.
a) Call Arlyn or Sonia at the Club at telefax 0437730192,
b) Call or text Ronnie at 028113283, or Peter at 09178383726
c) Email ,,
3. Since telephone and cellular service at the club are substandard, we cannot check reservations online, so deposits must be made into any BPI or BDO teller window, and you will get a receipt.
That receipt must be faxed or scanned and emailed to us, and/or faxed to Arlyn or Sonia so we can change your slot, from unconfirmed, to confirmed status.
4) You will present that receipt at the club. Teller window receipts are transferable, so we require the original.
Admittedly, the process is tedious, and that is why a lot of people don’t do it, but they run the risk  of not having a boat or instructor when they get there.


BONUS It is the club policy that, for many (not all) types of boats,   that you can rent for the day, and you turn it in, you can rent another boat, of equal or lesser value. SO, If you rent the Hobie 18 trainer, or the flying junior, and after a while, the wind dies, you can turn it in, and get a kayak for free. If the wind comes up again, return the Kayak, and get the sailboat again.
This policy does not apply to Getaways. Original Lasers, or Bravos.

LIFE-JACKETS Boat Rentals include two life jackets per H16. One trapeze harness is included if available. Other boats include 1 vest only. Wearing a lifevest is Mandatory on rental boats. BOOKLETS ON SAILING We do have a very inexpensive booklet on sailing Hobies. If you are not an experienced catamaran sailor, buy it. And read it BEFORE you go out. Make sure you can right a capsized boat unless you want to be rescued. It takes 265 lbs in the right place, using the right technique to right a 16. Technique is the key ingredient.

Miscellaneous  Particulars Rates
Instructors Daily Instructor’s Rate (See sail training page) P150-450 per hour
Life Vests Extra Passenger Life-jacket (MANDATORY) P50 per day
 Bancas Maximum Six Passengers

 Boat Ramp Fees
  • FREE for boats stored at TLYC
  • One month’s regular storage fee per launch.

Support Boat              Our regular rescue boat or similar, rented hourly         2500/hr

Read this RESCUE section if you are renting a boat on your own. It does not apply if you have an instructor with you.
TLYC runs a rescue boat, but we do not like to do rescues. We discourage people pushing their luck, because they figure that if anything happens, the rescue boat will pick them up. This section is intended to scare your pocketbook into deciding not to go beyond your limit of capability.

  • Generally, if a boat has capsized or appears to be in need of assistance for 15 minutes or so, we will send a rescue boat out. TLYC does not guarantee that a rescue boat will be available. So don’t count on it! You will o be charged for the rescue if the boat goes out. So, if it takes you longer than 15 minutes to right the boat, count on being charged.
  • IF you go out, remember you are on your own. You accept responsibility for everything. Being dependent on yourself alone, and making the proper preparations before you go out are an important part of what sailing is all about.
  • Do not take rental boats further than where you can see the boats on shore clearly unless you are very sure of yourself. Under no circumstance should you go further than the islands. If you get into trouble we can’t rescue you because we can’t see you. If you can’t clearly discern individual boat hulls on the beach, you are too far out for a rescue. We can’t rescue you if we can’t see you.

If you are not sure that you can handle the weather, either don’t go out, or bring an instructor with you. Usually, if you are with an instructor, you will not be charged a rescue fee. Clarify this with the office before you go out. There are instances wherein you are not normally covered, such as if you go out in bad weather or if you sail farther than 1km from shore. The office has the power to provide this extra coverage (with or without instructor), but it must be worked out in advance, and you may be charged a separate, pre-negotiated rate. TLYCrescue RESCUE CHARGES Rescue charges are based on a graduated rate. There are several variables involved, wind strength, distance from shore, time of day, total man-hours spent on the rescue. Our basic fee schedule is based on “standard Banca charges” in Talisay.

Rescue Fee  Particulars Rates
Rescue within 300m away from TLYC P300
Rescue 1km – 2km away from TLYC P500
Rescue 2km – 3km away from TLYC P1500
Rescue 3km – 5km away from TLYC P2500
After 5PM Double price above

READ THE FINE PRINT- Rescue Charges- extra fees for strong winds.

  • Above rates are for winds less than 10 knots. In 10 to 15 knots, charge is x 1.5. Rescue fee doubles if the wind is over 15 knots.
  • If you sail OUT-OF-SIGHT* of TLYC, extra time may be spent looking for you. If this happens, and we need to search for you, time charges will be added.
  • Rescue fee is double if rescue is not completed by 5PM.
  • Formula is rate X % extra time X wind strength X evening charges = final charge

*OUT-OF-SIGHT is defined as any point over 3.5 km from TLYC for an upright boat. This is about halfway between TLYC and Volcano island. Remember also, that a capsized boat will be “out of sight” even though an upright boat can still be seen. DAMAGE POLICY The general policy on rental damage is: You break a part, you pay for a new one. We have a catalog of parts complete with pricing for your perusal. Inspect the boat before you go out. If the boat looks like it can only handle light winds, and it’s a windy day, don’t take it out. We reserve the right to refuse “oh it just broke” as an excuse. This is particularly true on windy days. OTHER RENTAL POLICIES & CHARGES

  • Boat rental ends at 5:00 PM. If you aren’t back by sunset, or you are very far out at 5:00, the boys may decide to go and get you, and you will be charged a rescue fee.
  • “Hourly rental” minutes are not cumulative. ie you cannot rent something for 20 minutes, return it for 30 minutes, use it for 20 minutes, return it for 30 minutes, and rent it again for 20 minutes, and then say 20 + 20 + 20 = 1 hr.
  • Rental starts when you get on the boat. It does not start when you say you want to rent. If you request that a boat be set up for your use, and then you don’t use it, you will only be charged 20% of the daily rate. However, If someone else wants to use the boat, you will be informed so you can choose for your rental to start, or be able to give up your rental at no charge.
  • Do not slam the boat into the beach. You risk a P500 fine. Stop the boat in the water by turning it upwind, and walk it into the beach.
  • Do not Flog the sails. “Flogging” is “Continuous flapping of the sails because you have gone out in more wind than you can handle. It destroys the sails, and sails can cost up to $1000 The charge for this is $10 for every 3 minutes that you do it.
  • Do not capsize a rental boat, unless it is on purpose and you are in a lesson and learning to right it. Every capsize is charged an additional P500. Rescue is an additional fee.

IMPORTANT It is the prerogative of the TLYC to decide not to rent to anyone particularly if skill level is questionable, and/or if wind is strong. You may be required to take an exam and /or leave a rental deposit. You are responsible for anything that breaks. You are responsible to check the boat before it goes out. If you don’t think the boat can handle the conditions, don’t rent it. If you feel you are not qualified to make a judgement of whether a boat is safe or not, don’t rent it without also taking an instructor with you.

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