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TLYC Boat Storage
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TLYC Boat Storage


Boat Parkng – Dry Boat Storage Rates

Particulars  Members Rates 2014
1. Hobie P800 per month
2. Other Sailboats P45 per foot (including trailer) per month
3. Sailboard P800 per month INDOOR STORAGE (for board & sail)
4. Kayak P200 per month for OUTDOOR STORAGE
P800 per month for INDOOR STORAGE
5. Powerboat P50 per foot (including trailer) per month*

*If space is available. This is only available to members who are also storing a sailboat or sailboard. Also, TLYC has the right to use the boat for official club activities.

TLYC offers storage to non-members.  The rate is the applicable members montly rate,  plus P200/day.

The club is currently building a new boatshed for smaller boats. the result will be that kayak storage fees will probably go down, and smaller boats, like lasers and bravos,  will be stored in the shade at the same rate that they are being charged in 2013.


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