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Taal Lake Yacht Club has set up an Orienteering course that can be availed of, by advance notice. Possibly, by the time you read this, we will already be accredited by at least one scouting organization.

In Orienteering, you learn the art of using a compass to find your way from point to point, by following directions on a piece of paper.   For larger groups, we give a short lecture, to teach you how the compass works, and how to set it so you can find the direction you are supposed to go.

We give you a paper, with directions written on it, that you take with you around a course. There are varied courses, and they can be spread out over an area as small as half a hectare, or up to 9 hectares!! You look for orange spots, metal plates. At each numbered location, there will be either a special paper punch, or a code for you to copy on your paper, so we know you, and your group, actually found the spots.  Making it a race is optional.

The course can be adjusted to make it as “memorable” as you want to make it for your group. It is a great “bonding” experience.

Some areas are more challenging for the larger adults than they are for the kids. The “tunnel” will often elicit that “No, you’re kidding right?” look from parents.

Occasionally, this will be followed by invectives directed at you, for choosing to do this.

This is of course absolutely delightful for the kids Who have no trouble in the tunnel (because thy are small and can walk almost upright) who often end up saying “that was fun! can we do it again?!”

Note that if you do choose the “tunnel”, which is likely, please remember to bring flashlights!

Its a LONG tunnel!

Although its quite clean, it is not for the absolutely faint hearted. The last time I went through it, a bat had decided that it would make a great place to sleep during the day, and  I had to wake him up and shout at him to drive him out! There wasn’t room for the two of us! It was either him or me!

We can arrange scout merit badges or certificates, or both, for your group.

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