Daytrip Amenities Overview
Daytrip Amenities Overview
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Daytrip Amenities Overview

TLYC is open to Non-Members.

We have picnic cabanas as pictured above.  These are available to both members and non -members.   We do not charge corkage, and so members and guests can bring  food.  Barbecue grills are also available for rent. Food and drink are  available at reasonable prices, in an extremely relaxed, unique atmosphere.

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TLYC has a boatyard, a boardsailing storage area, and a boat ramp. Generally, these are reserved for members, or guests who are renting Club Boats.
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Non- Members may avail of boat storage and launch ramp, but they pay non-member rates. See the Boat storage page.

We have ok bathroom facilities (with hot water), a must for daytrips, as well as overnight camping.
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We do Taal Volcano banca trips and treks. Please see the Volcano tours page.
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Hobie cat  Sailing and kayak  rentals are available right off the beach.  A favorite intro to sailing is our crewed Hobie 21 charter. You can take it to other beach resorts on the lake, to the volcano, or just blast around the lake. There is also a rescue boat ready for emergencies. Please see the Boat Rentals under Activities and Programs on the menu bar above.
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Entry fees are P100/ person / calendar day as of April 2014.
However, there are many ways to avoid paying entry fees.  Those who are  renting equipment, such as kayaks, or sailboats, get a certain number of free entry fees, with their equipment rental.  The number of free entry fees corresponds to the rated capacity of the boat.  Example: Kayak, 2.  Hobie 16, 3.  Hobie Getaway, 4. Volcano trip, 5 free entries. Tent, hut, or campsite rentals do not qualify as equipment rentals.

Note that entry fees are per CALENDAR day. If you pass midnight, you are charged for a second day.



At  TLYC there are two types of  facilities. Common and Private. The common areas are the restrooms, the children’s play areas, main parking, dirty kitchen/wash area  Any member or guest can use any of these areas at any time.

There are “Private areas” which should be respected when occupied. These are The huts, and campsites. They are exclusive for whoever has reserved them.

Particulars Rates
1. Big Private Huts P500 a day
2. Regular Huts P400 a day
3. Campsite Only P100 a day
4. BBQ Grill & Charcoal P100 a day
5. Sunshade Tent + 4 Chairs P300 a day
6. 5 Man Tent & Setup P500 a day (P1000  deposit is required)

Regular Monthly Storage fee  – As of 2013 the monthly boat storage fee is P800/month for a Hobie 16 or similar. Non members pay 5x member rates.  Please see the boat storage page.

Ramp fee -There is no launch fee for members, Non members should coordinate with the bar for current launch fees.  Usually it is the value of one month storage at member rates. Please see the boat storage page. 

Camp fees- The huts w/campsite can accommodate a maximum of 10 people each on weekends and holidays.  Groups larger than that should occupy an additional hut. We cannot accommodate Weekend/holiday non-sailing groups larger than the limit for 2 huts except by very special arrangement. The wear on the grass and the surrounding area is too destructive, and the noise level inside (and outside) the hut gets too great otherwise.   We do not allow loud radios, karaoke, or any other loud instruments that will destroy the tranquility of the adjoining huts.   More details on the Camping Grounds page

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We allow non-sailing corporate gatherings, parties, Weddings, Movie productions etc.  However, we can accommodate these groups only on Non-holiday weekdays.  In this case, The whole club can be rented as an exclusive venue for P10,000/day. We estimate that we can accommodate up to 100 people in this case, inclusive of all helpers and guests, other than our own staff.   In this case there is no club restriction on sound systems etc.  Catering is allowed in the main club area.  A stage may be set up, and if necessary, an advance crew can be accommodated.  More information on the Corporate Team Building page.


Reservations must be made directly with TLYC staff.

Please call: +63 43 773 0192

For other questions, you may contact Peter Capotosto at:   +63 2 811 3283



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