Prescriptions of Hobie Fleet 274


This page lists exceptions to the Hobie class rules which have been adopted by Taal Lake Yacht Club

Downhauls may also be attached to the mast with a Hobie Mast Step Link on the mast base or an eye loop not exceeding 2″ in length, connected to either the mast base or the old horn cleat attached to the mast track.

For  the purpose of carrying penalty weight,  factory sealed  containers of water that are sealed and marked with their corresponding weight or volume by the manufacturer, are acceptable as “dry weight”.  These must remain sealed, and can be inspected in the presence of the skipper.  It is highly recommended that to reduce speculation, containers be taped together and be clearly marked as Penalty weight.

To be eligible for prizes/trophies in a major regatta, in the open class or A-Fleet, one member of the crew must be an IHCA member. An IHCA member is one who has paid his/her IHCA dues during registration or before the regatta. Major is defined as a National Championship, Round Taal Volcano Race, or a Travelers Series event. Dues may be paid to TLYC, or Phinsaf and a receipt will be issued.

Visitors who wish to race are advised that they may be asked to present evidence that they are members of IHCA.
If they are unable to present proof, they may choose to register as members of the Philippine Fleet. Cost is the amount of IHCA Dues. A $5 handling fee will be charged if we need to mail the cash or check (sometimes an IHCA rep is in attendance so no handling fee is charged).

Visitors awards may be temporarily withheld (but they will not be  not disqualified from them )  if they plead ignorance of the prescriptions, for as long as they choose to  become IHCA members either before receiving their awards, or if they present proof of IHCA membership within 60 days of the event.


B- Fleet limitations are not as strong as those for open or A-fleet.  Trampolines and sails may be non Hobie, however they may not be anything more “hi tech” than what Hobie supplies. The purpose of this rule is to get more people out on the water at less cost, not to allow better materials onto the racecourse that may give a competitor an advantage over stock parts.