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TLYC allows Photoshoots by reservation.


Photoshoots are categorized into  Non-Commercial and Commercial.

Non-Commercial are defined as Private events, such as Pre-Wedding Shoots,   Photo Clubs , and Private Photoshoot events arranged by Organizers.



Commercial shoots and Movies are shoots where the Models or Actors are paid, movies shown in theaters that charge entrance fees, the photos will be published in a catalog, or Magazine,  in either print or online, and there are commercial sponsors who will be featured, or the shoot is to promote a particular brand.  Example: Commercial movies, BMW, Rudy Project, Regatta Clothing. We reserve the right to choose which brands can use the club for location shoots.


All non members who come to TLYC are subject to an entrance fee of P100/person/day.
All groups need a place to sit, so we have “Private Huts”. These are thatched roof. open sided, with table and chairs for up to 10 people, and their stuff.  They are surrounded by a ring of chest high plants, as walls. These huts rent for P400 per day.   This is the first tier of fees you need to pay.


Non-Commercial shoots carry a per person surcharge of P150 per person on Weekends and Holidays, or a reduced rate of P50/person on weekdays.

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Commercial shoots also carry a per person surcharge of P150 per person on Weekends and Holidays, or a reduced rate of P50/person on weekdays. Commercial Shoots are also charged a P5000 TLYC Royalty fee.

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There ARE ways to get discounts!  TLYC is primarily an “Environmentally Friendly Watersports Club” so its our mission in life to spread the word that we should all get involved promoting environmental awareness.
Renting equipment like sailboats or Kayaks to do sports on the lake, like sailing, or taking a trip to the volcano, increases environmental awareness, and automatically integrates free entry, and sometimes hut fees.  For example, A volcano trip will earn you a free hut for a day, and 5 entry fees.  Kayaks will give you a free entry and a free hut. Sailboats, up to the official capacity of the boat, plus a hut.  See for sailboat and kayak pricing, and for Volcano trip pricing.

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Promoting watersports, like regattas, also increases awareness.  This is of particular interest for corporate shoots that may want a “Regatta Background”. For as little as P10K you can be a regatta sponsor. You can have your pictorial on a regatta day, and you can put your stickers on regatta boats on that day. You can have banners, etc.  Your 5k Royalty fee is waived.  If you combine this with a boat rental, you might save on entry fees and hut fees for that day too.   We normally do not allow Photoshoots on regatta days, this is the exception. Generally, we have Regattas on the Second Sunday of every month.
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Photographers may sign up to take TLYC event pictures on another date. That is another way to get free entry and hut fees, Plus you may get free lunches, t-shirts, not to mention great shots for your portfolio. You need to coordinate this with us in advance.  If you help out by taking pictures of events, you can request a refund of entry fees and hut fees already paid on another date, as long as you have your receipt.
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TLYC has Food

See for the TLYC menu. For Photoshoots please give us advance notice if possible. And please give us plenty of time to prepare your order.
You may also bring your own food.  You will be getting a big table with your hut, there will be space.




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