How to Get Here

Taal Lake Yacht Club   is located on the North Shore of Taal Lake.  It is West of Talisay proper,  between where “Palm Ridge drive” and “Ligaya Drive” intersect  with the “Talisay Tanauan Road.  If you keep zooming in, on the map above, you will see the “TLYC Helipad”.

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Directions from Manila

Via South Expressway extension to Star Tollway
The “Fastest” route is to take south Expressway and continue straight onto the STAR Tollway.
Tavel about 5 minutes, exit at Tanauan, and turn right to Talisay/ Laurel.
Travel for 20 minutes and pass thru the town of Talisay.
Continue on the road for another 3 minutes
Turn sharp left into the  TLYC entrance.
Via Tagaytay
The best “scenic” route is to take the South Expressway to Sta. Rosa.
Exit at Santa Rosa and as soon as you exit and pay the toll, turn right.
The road will take you to Tagaytay ridge in about 20 minutes.
Turn left at the ridge top and go along 700 meters just past a sign that says “Talisay-Laurel” .
Turn right at a street called “Ligaya Drive” and go down towards the lake.
At the lakeshore, turn right, and 700 meters later, turn left into the  TLYC Light Vehicles entrance.

Commute from Manila?

Like by bus, jeepney, tricicle?
Not highly recommended, but its easier than getting to many other places in the Philippines, so I will try my best.

Public Transport Route 1 (recommended updated 2015)
In Manila,  Take a cab, ot public transport to the “Gil Puyat Station, of the LRT 1 ( Light Rail Transit that runs above Taft Avenue).   Find the “Star Express Bus Line”  in the section of Buses marked by destination “Batangas, Tanauan-Lipa”.   Star Express is next to JAM transit.  Take   Star Express to Tanauan City. cost is just under P100/person.
Once in Tanauan, grab a tricycle and tell him you want to go to the Jeepney station with Jeepneys going to “Sampaloc” in Talisay.  The Tricycle costs P40-50 for the Tricycle- not per person.
Once on the Jeepney to Sampaloc, tell the driver you want to get off at Taal Lake Yacht Club, in Santa Maria.

Public Transport Route 2
Ask a Taxi driver to take you to a bus line that goes to Tagaytay. when you get to the bus station, talk to the tricycle drivers and ask them to take you to Taal Lake Yacht Club, in Talisay. You can usually find one who will take you for 300 pesos. Ask how much. He will probably say 500. say  200. hw ill say 400. you say 250. and you will settle at 300.

Its good to tell the tricycle driver you are coming here to go sailing. If you tell him you are going to take a trip to the volcano, you have a less than 50% chance of actually getting here. There are a lot of incredibly unscrupulous resorts, that take advantage of tourists, and they pay big commissions to tricycle drivers who take tourists there.


Directions from BATANGAS PIER to  Manila or Taal Lake Yacht Club

By Car:
Get out of the pier and follow the traffic straight on all the big concrete roads,  and follow the signs to MANILA.
This will get you onto STAR Tollway.  Exit Star at the Tanauan/Talisay junction and turn left after paying the toll, towards Talisay.  Travel 18 kms and turn into the Taal Lake Yacht Club driveway.  On that 18kms, you will pass thru Talisay town.

By Public Transport. 
In General, your objective will be to go to Tanauan, and from there, you will go to Talisay, and Taal Lake Yacht Club.

In detail:
From the Pier, catch a jeepney going to “Bayan”. The word “Bayan” means “Town or City”.  Your first target is either one of the markets.  Either “Luma” (old) or “Bago” (new).  Either will do, because from either, you can take your ride to “Balagtas” where the “Grand Terminal” is.
At the “Grand Terminal” , take the Buendia/Lipa/Tanauan bus.  Popular Bus lines are Ceres,  Star Express, or BSC.
When you get to Tanauan, take a tricycle to the Jeepney stop,  and get on a Jeepney that says either Talisay or Sampaloc.
Choose Sampaloc if you can.
If you take the Talisay one (there are more of those) you will get off at Talisay town, and you will take a 5 minute Tricycle ride to Taal Lake Yacht Club. If you take Sampaloc,  you will pass thru Talisay, and just get off at TLYC.


By Helicopter

Unlicensed. One Hectare lot oriented East to West please call 09178383726 and we can put up the windsock and clear grazing animals.  see  The TLYC Helipad page for more information and pictures.