2015 Potato Corner Club Championship
2015 Potato Corner Club Championship
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2015 Potato Corner Club Championship

Tremendous thanks to Potato Corner for sponsoring a sport that Filipinos can excel in and are not physically disadvantaged from the start. The Hobie 16 is now a SEA GAMES boat, as well as an Asian Games boat.  th eideal combined crew weight is 285 lbs, so its perfect for two 140 lb sailors or a 180 lb sailor with a 115lb crew.  This makes it a great womens boat, and a great family racer.

The Club Championship  provides an extra incentive to keep sailors racing even during the rainy months, and get practice.  The sailors that practice the most, end up getting better and ultimately, winning.

“B-Fleet” is the lifeblood of the future, The new sailors sail in B-fleet, and the more they sail, the better they get.


Andy Aguila 3rd. Alex Chen, second Place, Jose Sehwani Gonzales, 1st place


Jose S. Gonzales and Shav Halley


Alex Chen (Blue) with good speed in front of top sailors Glenn Everett and Maria Vidoeira. This is Alex’s last year in B-fleet. He belongs in A fleet (Open) now. Alex has been racing consistently for 4 years, and winning in his class for the last 2, so he graduates into Open.


Andy Aguila is getting serious and sailing more, than the rest of the B-Fleeters, so his performance has improved dramatically in 2015.



From Left, Shav Halley, Jose S. Gonzales, Jose Hagedorn, Maria V. Hagedorn, Michael S. Ngu, Boyet Magsanay, Peter Capotosto


Trophies awarded to Open and B-Fleet


Good Start for Maria and Joe, leading Mike and Boyet, with Dirk and Joaida crossing behind.


Mike ahead of Maria going up to the Windward Mark.


Clear start on a beautiful last second Sunday of December, the last regatta for points in the 2015 Potato Corner Club Championship.


They’re Back! Late this year, Glenn and Jana Everett were re-assigned back to the Philippines after a frigid stint in China. Arriving late in the year, they were not able to accumulate enough points to make it into the 2015 standings, but theres a very good chance they will be on the podium next year. Next year’s battle to be up there will be quite challenging, as they will not only be contending with Mike and Maria, but probably 2 PSA teams as well.


Fijian Dirk Gardner , with Joiada Pablo put up some good competition this year, and Dirk was very often the life of the party ashore. He may be moving, and he will be sorely missed. Joiada, is just the opposite, we will all be watching her progress as both skipper and crew.


Carla Kramer, Peter Capotosto, Glenn Everett, Jana F. Everett, Jose “Habibi” Gonzales, Joiada Pablo, Dirk Gardner, Maria V. Hagedorn, Jose HaGedorn, Rhiannon Halley, at the usual after race open bar get together and awarding.

As usual, December is one of the best months for sailing, for weather, and for things happening at TLYC.
We had OZ Goose racing,  The Commodore acquired a nice Gazebo, Requests for use should be directed to the Admiral. And we had an amazing moonset at dusk.


Also racing that day, we had the Oz Goose Class, Roy Espiritu, 3rd; Jem Pablo, 2nd, Michsel Storer 1st.


Michael Storer

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    The RS1 World Championships were held on Taal lake at Balai Isabel the week before. Windsurfers from Portugal came out to play on Hobies, on Race Day


    #neilpryde It was a privilege to be with tbe man himself.





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