Taal Lake Yacht Club “Club Championship Series” (Hobie 16s)

The Club Championship Series will be run as follows:

1 The event shall consist of all the  Regular “Second Sunday” Club  Race Days or their postponement dates, that are run, for  the calendar year.

2 For the results of a race day to be included in the Championship Series at there must be at least 3 entries on that day. A maximum of 5 races per race day will be included in the Series results and they will be the first 5 races run on that day. There is no minimum number of races to be completed on a race day.

3 When signing in at the beginning of a race day, the helm must be specified.  If for any reason the helm is changed, the Race Officer must be informed.  Crew and boats can be changed during a race day and between race  days. However the  helm must always be the same for all points to be  earned by a skipper. If 2 persons swap  helm during a race day the races will be scored  individually for each helm, for purposes of the Championship series.

4 During a race a crew may helm the boat for a very short period of time  only. If questioned by a competitor,  the time and circumstances must be declared in writing before the  end of protest time.


5 Scoring
 The RRS low point scoring system will apply with the following changes.

1. Each race will be scored as an individual event. Helms retiring, disqualified etc will be scored one more point than the number of  entries on that race day.

2.1 H
elms that are registered for the day and are either at at the club or sailing on Taal Lake,  will get maximum points not exceeding the number of boats racing that day, plus one.
2.2 Helms that are NOT registered for the day and are NOT either at at the club or sailing on Taal Lake,  will be scored one more point than the total number of entries in the complete Championship Series (This will be determined after the last race of the Series)

3. In the Series a helm�s score will be the total of his/her race scores less 1/4 of the total races completed in the series rounded down to the nearest whole number. Consequently if 39 races are completed 1/4 of 39 = 9.73 rounded down, so 9 races will be dropped from each helms score

Club Championship Perpetual trophy

6 Racing will be conducted in accordance with TLYC Standard Sailing  Instructions.



2004 – Luigi and Yvonne Manzi
2005 – Mark Haswell and Noelle Reyes
2006- Mark Haswell
2007- Peter Capotosto
2008- Luigi Manzi
2009- Luigi Manzi
2010- Michael S. Ngu
2011- Luigi Manzi
2012- Maria Vidoeira
2013- Michael S. Ngu
2014- Michael S. Ngu
2015- Michael S. Ngu


2013 Club Championship

2015 Potato Corner Club Championship