Spudster Fries competition on hot Mothers Day Typhoon weekend.
Spudster Fries competition on hot Mothers Day Typhoon weekend.
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Spudster Fries competition on hot Mothers Day Typhoon weekend.

This Potato Corner sponsored Second Sunday fell on Mothers Day, so the likeley hood was that the field would be very lean.  A further complication was  a typhoon forecast to hit luzon at the same time.
The SAGS, up in Subic,  decided that prudence was the better part of valor (I think they were more worried about their wives than a little thing like a Typhoon) and cancelled their own scheduled Mothers Day event. This resulted in Subic Sailors coming down to play at TLYC . NICE!
In reality, the typhoon started veering Northward, just grazing the  we had nice, but fairly light winds on Saturday morning, building in the afternoon, offshore.

IMG_0481 IMG_0505


Austen Chamberlain took time out from racing in Subic to sail his Laser, which he has now enrolled into the club member rental program.  In this program, members can lease out their boats, thru the club administration, and they can collect their portion of the proceeds, or use it to pay any debts to the club.  Want to sail a Laser? Come down to TLYC and sail Austen’s “Black Magic”.


Paolo Viloria, the club’s senior webmaster,  took out the modified Flying Junior with Joaida Pablo.  The FJ is a club rental dinghy, good for 2, that, like Austen’s Laser,  rents for P1000 per hour, or only P2500 per day.

Sunday proved to be a similar day, but with slightly stronger winds throughout the day.  The race course was set inshore a but more, just in case the wind really picked up due to the Typhoon close by.

IMG_0751 IMG_0645

To our welcome surprise, we had MORE Subic Sailors,  former member and Hobie sailor Jeff Williams came over with hotshot  Sean Mitchell.  and rented a 16.


New Member Raoul Feliciano and his son Teddy came down and got some valuable time on the water in the good conditions.

IMG_0615 IMG_0621

Jose Sehwani Gonzales and Sarah Klinder have been continually improving.  They were battling it out, neck and neck with Jeff and Sean around the course in the first 2 races.

IMG_0757 IMG_0664


Peter Capotosto and Mike dueled with Dirk Gardner and Joaida Pablo, who were not that far ahead.

IMG_0872 IMG_0600

IMG_0793 IMG_0918

By the third race, the club’s still “master of disaster” title holder was seriously chewing up Dirk and Joai’s lead,  to grab a second.

IMG_0815 IMG_0884

In Race 4 and 5 , we had new entrants, Arnel Ornales and Bong, who showed good speed at first, but technical problems forced them to retire.


IMG_0859 IMG_0774

Spudster found the speed to spit out five bullets and take the regatta.  Too bad Michael Krober is only here a short time at the German Embassy. We’d all like to see him around more.  great crew.

IMG_0946 IMG_0941

Photos by Carla Kramer





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