PHINSAF Travellers Series

PHINSAF is the Philippine Inter-island Sailing Foundation.  PHINSAF is composed mostly of members of Taal Lake Yacht Club.  Among other things,  it organizes events outside Taal Lake Yacht Club, for the Hobie fleet. It helps other clubs get started, and it helps in their racing programs.

PHINSAF has a “Travellers Series”, which is a very important part of the Philippine Hobie experience.  The series usually runs from October thru April, usually with one weekend regatta per month, for a total of 6 Regattas.  The Travellers Series Championship is a team’s combined result of all the regattas.

The core Travellers Series events are the Punta Fuego Regatta, The Tali Beach Regatta, The Philippine Hobie National Championship, and  The Round Taal Volcano Regatta.  The most common other regattas to be included are the Anvaya Regatta,  the Hamilo Coast regatta, and the Puerto Galera Regatta. There is almost always at least one another Regatta that is created by PHINSAF for the Travellers series. Quite often, this regatta is tied in to either the beginning or the end of the Philippine Hobie Challenge.  Thus we have had regattas in Subic, Iloilo, Boracay, and Corregidor.

PHINSAF has a website and a Facebook page.

TLYC NEWS STORIES about the Travellers series:

Nov 2013

Nov 2013