Philippine Hobie National Championship

One of the Philippine Hobie Fleet’s most  important events is the Hobie 16 National Championship.  It is held very early in the year,to take advantage of the best, most challenging weather.  Usually  it is sunny/ partly cloudy , with about 12 to 25 knots of easterly or “Amihan” wind.

The first Hobie 16 National Championship was held in 1996, at Taal lake Yacht Club. It has been an annual event since then.

The first 6 events were held on the first Weekend of February, but in 2002, tradition changed. The race was held on the second weekend of January. This change was made to accommodate the timing of the Hobie Challenge. It is likely that this will the remain as the schedule in future years.

In 2003, the event was held away from the Hobie Fleet base for the first time. Subic Bay Yacht Club (SBYC)  hosted the event, with  TLYC and the PHCF (Philippine Hobie Challenge Foundation) as co-organizers. SBYC.  Since then, TLYC and PHINSAF (PHilippine INter-island SAiling Foundation) have alternated organizing the event, with each other’s help.  On the odd years, PHINSAF organizes the event outside TLYC , on the even years, TLYC organizes it on Taal Lake.

Below, find the link for the Lima Park 2016 Philippine Hobie National Championship