TLYC does not charge a “One time Membership Fee” or any initial entry fee for members–yet.  We only charge dues. However, this policy will not last forever. We envisage that at some point, we will have to charge a P50,000 “one time fee”. When that time comes, those who joined before the fee came into effect, will be exempted from paying the fee.

Dues are so minimal that they are payable in advance annualy. Dues and fees increase periodically. Membership is by application, and we resrve the right to refuse membeship to anybody. Membership is a privelege, and we reserve the right to not renew a membership, or to terminate it, for any reason. To be a regular member of TLYC you MUST know how to sail. We do have courses and instructors who can teach you, even though you are not yet a member.

Guest limit: There is no limit on immediate family, but We have to charge for other non-member guests over a total party of 4. This limit is set because we allow food to be brought in, unlike all the other clubs that strictly enforce a “no bringing in food” policy.



  • Regular Membership is only available for those who know how to sail.
  • This allows unlimited entry to the member and his/her household, or the member and up to three guests, as opposed to the alternative of individual entry, P100/person. calendar day.
  • It allows you to apply for BOAT STORAGE. Members may store boats at TLYC at Members rates. Non-member rates are exponentially higher than members rate.
  • A membership card will be issued to each family member.
  • This type of membership is charged monthly, but collected annually.  If a member quits, pre-paid  monthly fees will be refunded.
  • The monthly rate  is P800  as of January 2017. Check TLYC for current rates which may apply.


  • In addition to the regular membership fee,  an additional fee is added. This amount is usually calculated as the cost of a single day’s hut rental.
  •  This entitles the Preferred Member to use the huts at any time, and gives the member hut  priority over  non-members.
  • Check TLYC for current rates.


  • Rowing membership is available for those who row or Kayak, but don’t sail.
  • Pricing is the same as regular membership. And a preferred plan is also available.


  • If 10 regular or rowing members sign up as a group, pay dues as a lump sum in one check, are all connected to / employed by/ enrolled in an organization/school that is not solely, or primarily, formed to avail of the group membership plan, then this type of membership applies.
  • Dues are the same as for regular members, and membership status is also credited to an individual.
  • Benefits are the same as those for an individual. The difference is that for every 10 members that sign up, the group is entitled to one free hut.
  • If 20 signups, 2 free huts, and so on.


  • If a member is going to be living abroad,  he/she may choose Absentee Membership.
  • In case the member comes to the club, he may use the facilities for 15 days.
  • A membership card will be issued.

Rate: US$ 10 per year

TLYC does allow limited individual entry. This is in line with our desire to promote the sport to a broad base of potential members.
 Entry fee is P100 per adult  per visit as of this writing. There are special rates for children.


TLYC 08Jan2012 015

If you are a member of a club with a reciprocal rights agreement, or if your Burgee is hanging at the club, you will get free entry. If you are a member of another club,  bring your burgee, and we can do an exchange.  Preferably, bring a letter, signed by one of the Club’s Flag Officers, Secretary, or Membership director, for our files.
Currently our reciprocal clubs are:
Punta Fuego Yacht Club
Puerto Galera Yacht Club
Huntington Harbor Yacht Club
Anacapa Yacht Club
Royal Papua Yacht Club
Hong Kong Hobie Club
Lahaina Yacht Club

Below, find the list of members in good standing. This list is for the convenience of our members who may be visiting Yacht Clubs abroad, who might have forgotten to bring their membership cards with them.

Last Update January 2017
Members name                                                      Member Since

ALBA,                     MARIBELE                              2012

ALTURA,                ALBERT                                   2014

AGUAS,                  MIGUEL                                  2008

AGUILA,                 ANDY                                       2011

AZANZA,                 ROMAN                                  2002

BANTA,                   STEPHEN                                1999

BELTRAN,               REGINALD                             2011

BURGER,                 WIL                                          2015

CASAL,                     JOAQUIN                                2012

CASAMBRE,           LOUIS                                     2008

CHEN,                     ALEX                                       2009

CHUA,                     ARMANDO “ALAN”              2004

CHUNG,                  PHILIP                                     2006

COBANGBANG,     EDUARDO                              2011

CRUZ,                      DENNIS                                   1999

DE LANGE,             NICOLAAS                              2012

EVERETT,                GLENN                                    2015

EVERINGHAM,       RICHARD                              2012

ESPIRITU,                ROY                                         2000

FELICIANO,            RAOUL                                    2016

GARCIA,                  KAGITINGAN                         2013

GARCIA,                  MONCHU                               2005

GARDNER,              DIRK                                        2015

GESILVA,                DAVID M.                               2013

GONZALES,            JOSEMARI S.                          2014

GRADY,                    GUINEE                                   2010

INGRAM,                PAUL                                      2015

JARAVATA,            NORMAN                               2006

JAVELOSA,             JUN                                         2013

JEETENDRA,          MARCELLINE                      2013

KRAMER,                ERIK                                        2008

LIM,                           JOEY                                       2012

LIM,                          ANA K.                                    1999

LOPEZ,                    FEDERICO                              1999

LUNA,                     NEIL                                         2016

MAGSAYSAY,         JOSE                                        2012

MARASIGAN,         ROMMEL                               2009

MENDOZA,            EDUARDO                              1999

MORGAN-DE-REVERIE,  GEOFFREY              2008

OBLEPIAS,              RONALDO                             2016

OCAMPO,                 LORENZO                             2014

ORNGARD,             GARY                                       2016

ORNGARD,             TALA                                        2016

PANGANIBAN,       TEDDY                                     2001

PASTRANA,            QUINTIN                                 2016

PELLICER,               RICARDO                                2010

PIERRE,                   HENRI BERARD                    2013

PUNZALAN,            ERIC                                          2011

RAZON,                    MAY ANGELA                       2014

ROBLES,                  LUICHI                                     2016

STORER,                  MICHAEL                                2014

VALDEZ,                   ERWIN                                     2001

VIDOEIRA,               MARIA                                    2005

VILLANUEVA,         GENEROSO                            2003

WOLDRING,           HANS                                         2011

ZERRUDO,              GILBERT                                  2013


LIMA PARK HOTEL                                                2016