Kiprinski Vodka sponsors TLYC April Regatta
Kiprinski Vodka sponsors TLYC April Regatta
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Kiprinski Vodka sponsors TLYC April Regatta

A great turnout at the Kiprinski Vodka Regatta. We had 10 Hobie 16s, Three Oz Goose dinghies, and 2 Hobie Bravos, for a total of 15 teams racing.

Eric Tomacruz and Larry Ocampo dominated the Hobie 16 April TLYC monthly racing sponsored by Kiprinski Vodka, with strong supporting sponsorship from RedBull.    Dirk Gardner and Joaida Pablo came second,  And a Jubilant Alex Chen and his crew, John Escalante, came third, in the light wind racing.

IMG_0261c IMG_0049

The Kaprinski RedBull tandem sponsorship, at this time of potential light wind racing,  allowed  TLYC to get a new class of boats out on the race course, without having to field and additional race rescue and support boats.  The Philippine Home Boatbuilders Yacht Club, or PHBYC has come up with a new design of  easy to build boats, designed by Michael Storer,  that we hope will show long term promise.  I think the “OzGoose” is best described as a giant “Optimist” in its original sense, but possibly much better.

IMG_0077 IMG_0132

And the winds were light. Very Light.  Racing in April and May, in the Philippines,  takes place while the North East Monsoon, or “Amihan” , is waning, and the South West Monsoon, or “Habagat”  is just starting.

IMG_0094 IMG_0137

The different classes of boats all raced on the same course, though they had different start times.  The Hobie 16s were able to race 2 races.  To get an idea of the speed of the newly designed Oz Goose,  Hobie Bravos  raced with the new class, in just one race, and then returned to the beach, to be greeted with a PARTY!.

IMG_0171 IMG_0164

Since there could still be some racing, the Red Bull girls went through the fleet, handing out Red Bull, and distributing it to the sailors while they have a late lunch.

IMG_0167 IMG_0168

IMG_0163 IMG_0154

IMG_0145 IMG_0147

IMG_0159 IMG_0185



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But as the hour break starts to show no signs of better wind, the sailors decide that its time for the major sponsor!

Open the Kiprinski!

IMG_0204 IMG_0219c

IMG_0214 IMG_0222

IMG_0231 IMG_0235

And as the party picks up the sailors had a lot of fun hamming it up.

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