Corporate Team Building


  • TLYC accepts school and corporate outings.
  • We are a good venue for outdoor team building exercises, where  corporations can use their own HR personnel  or hire a professional team building instructor, and hold the  Team building at TLYC.
  • Our own executive staff can provide activities that make a regular company outing into a team building experience.


  • Our maximum capacity is around 100 persons.
  • The best size for us is 12-60 people.

The most common corporate activity that we have at TLYC centers around a volcano trek. You can get a good idea of whats involved by clicking here.  We have secondary activities, of Sailing (sailing Lessons page) , Kayaking , and Orienteering (Orienteering page link ).

For initial planning purposes, budget P800 per person for the volcano trip, kayaking, orienteering and sailing.  This is the “more-or-less” price for groups that we split into 2,  as into  option 2 B.  or relaxed groups, like option 1
Exclusions: This budget does not include food or road transport.


OPTION 1  TYPICAL SCHEDULE: Good for more relaxed groups.

  • Its common for large corporate groups to get together at the office on Saturday, plan to leave by bus around 8, be at TLYC by 930 or 10 (people are always late to the bus) and upon arrival at TLYC, they usually engage in their favorite activity….. what else but…. merienda!
  • Then they fart around, because someone forgot shoes or whatever, and finally get on the bancas to go to the volcano. by this time, its 11AM- but they are kinda full.
  • They get back at 1 or 2, and they are hungry, which is good, because they will not complain about whatever food it is you have brought, and if corporate people have prepared it, they will get praises for “how good it is”!!!
    Reminds me of a great Chef I know who said “Hunger is the best sauce”.
  • So by 3 they are veging out and the punch served by the guys who party, is taking its effect. The women are looser, and everybody is laughing and happy.
  • Some have more energy than others, and want to do something,so we have a kayak relay for a couple of teams, for which you provide prizes, and everybody is cheering on the slipway.
  • We can set up a sailboat if there’s wind, and take a few people out at a time. Not everyone will be game, but there will probably be 15 or 20 who will get 20 minute rides where they get to steer the boat and learn a bit about sailing.
  • Then you have your regular office party stuff like the bring me game, and then judging whose underwear that was brought in the bring me game was the sexiest.
    For nerds, some will bring one of these charade type games using cards or something (i forget the name of it).
  • By 430 or 5, everyone has had a good time, and though they are not that eager to ready to go home, they are wasted, tired, and will fall asleep on the bus once the adrenaline subsides. They will be at their homes for dinner (except for the guys who lied to their wives and said it was an overnight).
  • The company gets away pretty cheap.
  • You pay for the bus, you get to bring the food, which is less expensive than buying it. You bring the drinks and ice, again- less expensive than buying it.

OPTION 2 TYPICAL SCHEDULE: Good for Companies that want to really drive the employees hard.

  • You leave earlier, and everything is on time. Your day is divided into 15 minute segments.
  • Basically, option 2 is less drinking and partying, and more team building type stuff.  Everybody does the volcano trip, everybody goes sailing, everybody goes Kayaking, and everybody does Orienteering.

We have Option 2A and Option 2 B

OPTION 2 A  is good for groups up to 50.

Everybody does the volcano trip in the Morning.  In the Afternoon,  everybody goes Sailing, Kayaking, and Orienteering.  Our limitation is that we can only handle around 10 people at a time for sailing.  In order to do the Afternoon portion, We divide the group into 3, and the 3 groups rotate through sailing, kayaking, and orienteering, doing each for an hour, if the group is bigger than 30,  people will sail for half an hour, instead of an hour, or some  will opt not to sail, so others can sail for an hour.


OPTION 2 B is basically the same as 2a, but we divide your Group into 2 Teams. Each team will be divided into 3 sub teams like in option 2A

Team 1 goes to the volcano at 930 and gets back by 1230
Team 2 is divided into 3 sub groups, with 3 1hr activities- Sailing, Kayaking, and orienteering. Each sub team noves to the next activity in rotation. By 1230, everyone in Team 2 has done all 3 activities.

LUNCH: Everyone eats together at TLYC for one hour of pep talk by your team leaders, and sometimes a “Boodle fight”

Afternoon activity:
The teams switch, Team 2 goes to the volcano, and is back by 430 or 5, and team one does the 3 shoreside activities, and they are done by 430 also.
And man, they will sleep on the bus because they will all be DEAD!