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Camping Grounds



Taal lake Yacht Club, is right on the  shoreline of  Lake Taal, about 15 minutes from Tagaytay. Campsites overlook the water, and our boats that go to the volcano. It is generally very quiet at night. Quiet hours enforced if there are other campers. We encourage camping, and we are a great place for families to “learn to camp” or learn to use your camping equipment.

Taal Lake Yacht Club was set up primarily as a sailing club. However, the way it is set up, it is now considered one of the best campgrounds within 1 hour from Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines.

We expect you to come with your own camping equipment, including tent, sleeping bags, etc.  We can supply wood, if you need it. You are also required to rent a hut adjacent to your tent for each party of up to 10 people.

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Tent rentals: We do have a very limited number of tents available. The tent includes a queen size foam pad, 2 pillows, and a sheet. If you want to rent a tent, call to be sure we have a tent available, and arrive between 8AM and 5PM.  If you cannot arrive before 6PM, you must make a confirmed reservation (prepay), as per the RESERVATIONS section below.


Particulars Rates
Campsite Only PHP 100 a day

per 4 man tent or smaller

Rent a 4 man Tent
(sleeps 2)
PHP 400 per night


Open Cabana* PHP 400 a day
Entry Fees  PHP 100/person/dog/ day

Note that camping fee is per night (noon to noon).  Entry fees, and hut fees, are per day (7AM -7AM). * Aside from your camping/tent fee, you must also get an open cabana/hut.

Example 1:   If you want 2 people to overnight on Satutday,  and stay till Sunday afternoon, you will have to get a hut on Saturday (P400), pay 2 entry fees for Saturday (2 x 100),  rent a tent space for Saturday night ( P100) , Rent a hut on Sunday (P400) , and pay 2 entry fees on Sunday (P2 x 100) for a total of P1300.

Our large cabanas are big enough to even put most tents inside, in case it rains.

Ideas, and Ways to save:
Taking the example above, you can rent equipment or take Banca trips, to reduce your entry fee and hut expense.   Typically, people who want to camp, will want to take a banca trip to the volcano.   Often, they will want to do other stuff, like go kayaking.

Example 2
On Saturday,  rent a kayak, for either a day (P1200) or an hour, and  get 2 free entrance fees with the Kayak rental.  On Sunday,  take a volcano trip,   and get a free hut, and free entrance fees.  By doing this yòur Camping/entrance/Hut fee goes from P1300 ( in example 1), down to P500.


Example 3, This is the SMARTEST way to save, and it only came into effect in April of 2016. Its the “Late in – early out camp/ volcano trip”

Arrive PAST 3PM on day 1. Get a hut. schedule a banca trip for 630AM. And set up your tent.  Enjoy the evening.  BEFORE 7AM, finish packing up all your stuff. Dismantle your tent. Completely clear out of the hut. Take your volcano trip.
If you follow this procedure, your hut is free. Your entry is free, all you pay is the volcano trip and the tent.  Technically you are in “Day 1” till 7AM and you just used the free hut and entry fee, before your banca trip, instead of after it. Smart right? 🙂


Reservations are not an absolute requirement. A member, or non-member, can walk in, and get a space if it is available.

Anyone, member or not, may book a spot, (Hut and its corresponding space) if they want to be sure that they will have a space for the night. This is particularly advisable on busy weekends, because we want to keep the campground quiet. There are 2 types of Reservations: Tentative, and Confirmed.

TENTATIVE RESERVATION– is the recommended procedure if you have your own tent, especially if you are arriving past 5PM, or its a busy weekend. A Member or Non-Member may book a spot, simply by calling Sonia, and asking her to put a reserved sign on the table. Include the time of your arrival. If you do not arrive within one hour of your reserved time, your reservation will be forfeited, unless you are a preferred member.

CONFIRMED RESERVATIONS -recommended if you are renting a tent from us, essential if you will also arrive past 5PM.
A MEMBER may book a spot, simply by calling Sonia at 0437730192, and asking her to put a reserved sign on the cabana table. Include the time of your arrival, and tell her you will be sending a confirmation text, that you do not want your hut given to someone else. She will give you a number to text. Your Reservation will be confirmed, the hut reserved for you, your tent will be set up, and your account will be charged. There is no charge if you are a Preferred member.
A NON-MEMBER may reserve a spot, and a tent, by depositing P1000 into our bank account, and calling Sonia, at 0437730192, then faxing a copy of the deposit slip to 0437730192. Indicate (1) your name, and cell # on the cover sheet. (2) date of reservation on the deposit slip. (3) write “camping fee reservation” or “rent tent” on the deposit slip, and the cover sheet.   BRING YOUR ORIGINAL DEPOSIT SLIP and give it to Sonia when you check in. This is a strict requirement if you are renting a tent from us.  If you are taking a volcano tour, and you have prepaid,  you can fax your volcano tour slip instead of a prepaid camping deposit, BUT you must write “rent tent” and the camping date, ON THE deposit slip. If you made your reservation with the Makati office, or more than a day before you will be tenting, its a good idea to call 0437730192, during office hours, before you come to the club, just to remind us. Thanks.


The bathrooms are good by local standards. We even have hot water if you want it. The biggest problem you will encounter if you are traveling in the Philippines is adequate bathroom facilities but we are above the pr0vincial standard.


We do allow picnics, so we also have good wash-up facilities. On site, we have is a  bar/ and limited restaurant facilities.


We can supply adequate food if necessary during the week. We can supply you with a menu from a nearby local restaurant that delivers.
We also have grilles for rent, so you can cook your own food. For more on food visit:


TLYC is a perfect spot for catching Taal Volcano Tours, renting a sailboat or kayak.


Taal Lake Yacht club is located on the Northern shore of Taal Lake or Lake Taal, in the town of Talisay.  See how to get here and  View our map- how to get here..



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