About TLYC

Lonely Planet called Taal Lake Yacht Club the “sailing Mecca of the Philippines”. 

Webmaster PaoloWe think of ourselves as a “club by sailors for sailors”  We take pride in how we are different from all the other Yacht clubs and country clubs in the Philippines.

  1. We allow non-members.
  2. Our membership criteria center around the sport rather than money. Read this as “you can’t buy your way into this club, you have to earn the right to join”.
  3. We allow you to camp and picnic with your own food.
  4. We allow boat charters and teach non-members to sail.
  5. Our Primary goal is to promote sailing in the Philippines

Our focus is using environmentally friendly watersports to promote environmental awareness and family togetherness. We support civic organizations like school groups and scout troops that have similar goals. Click here to know more about our civic efforts.


TLYC actively supports, promotes, and instigates international and local environmental action programs. Of particular concern is the preservation of the ecological balance of Taal Lake. Click here to find out more about our environmental awareness efforts.


TLYC’s  activities revolve around our own HOBIE 16 racing schedule, as well as schedules of PHINSAF’s travelers series.

Hobie 16s are the main racing class, and There are over 5 dozen boats that are either privately owned, or owned by the club, and available for rent. Click here to find out more about the HOBIE CLASS.

We usually teach groups of 1-4, but larger classes can be arranged. The Topper class is our prime “learn to sail” boat. We also teach on Hobie 16s, Hobie Getaways, and other boats depending on the requirements of the students. Click here to find out more about the LEARN TO SAIL program. 

TLYC is a good windsurfing destination and the windsurfing fleet holds regattas a couple of times a year. Click here to find out more about WINDSURFING.

We do have other boats that members own, and some the club rents out.   Our Hobie 21 can take groups of up to 7 Adults. Click here to learn more about BOAT RENTALS.

TLYC rents out Kayaks which are very easy to use. They are virtually unsinkable,  and unbreakable, and and require no previous experience or training to use.

A Rowing program exists, but it needs a leader to be more active.  We have some old single sculls, and pairs.  We have a training sculls for beginners. Click here to learn more about rowing & kayaking in TLYC.


Treking Taal is how many people discover TLYC. We have the best rates and the safest boats on the lake. Click here to learn more about our volcano tours. Trip Advisor rated us 4.5 out of 5 for 2015. Google us and look on blogs. Our services have only gotten better over the past few years, but all volcano trip prices, of all carriers, do go up periodically, so check our Taal Volcano Trip webpage for the latest pricing. 

We are family oriented. We want the whole family to use TLYC. We have swings for the kids, and lounge chairs for those who want to just kick back and read. Our bathrooms are OK, and we not only have hot water, but we also have cold beer.  We allow picnics and camping, so that everyone will have a memorable role in the experience. Click here to learn more about camping in TLYC.

We  have other things to do like volcano trips and treks, and we sometimes have summer camps for kids.


Membership is a status that is earned, rather than bought. We only grant memberships to accomplished sailors and rowers.

We do realize however that since it is our goal to introduce the sport of sailing to new people, we cannot  limit entry to only the experts. So, we also allow non-members.  Currently, the charge to non members is P100/person /day. Click here to learn more about club membership in TLYC.


We are less than 20 minutes from Tagaytay, over all concrete roads. This makes us an excellent daytrip destination. Click here for directions to TLYC. The fastest route now, bypasses Tagaytay completely.


For a very accurate, up to the minute weather or wind report, you can call the club, 0437730192. Weather websites are getting better too. Click here for weather predictions spanning several days. Weather for Taal Lake is also at the bottom of every page on this website.


TLYC has a newsletter that goes out about once a month. You can sign up by sending an e-mail to pcapotosto@yahoo.com and type something like “PLs put me on the newsletter” or words to that effect. Or, you can sign up at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hobienews and also read past posts.

We have a growing presence on FB. Like us, and get current updates on activities, see pictures, and communicate with other members.  Visit our Facebook page here.

If you are a Twitter fan, subscribe to us at http://twitter.com/SailPhilippines.